Des Hughes is a painter, photographer, designer and illustrator. He has been creating images for over forty years and know for his distinctive style of painting, where he works primarily in photorealism with the camera pivotal to everything he does. 

  Working mainly in Ireland since the late 80’s he explored a multiplicity of subject material; initially drawing on the complexion, bleakness of terrain and profundity of silences contained within the landscape of the Donegal Gaeltacht.

  In the 90’s, Hughes produced a visual documentation of Irish history throughout the twentieth century; with the magnitude of the task, he sought a wider stage for the context of these themes and made the decision to present this work worldwide. As the end of the decade approached, he had exhibited alongside Picasso and Matisse, and visited London, Paris, then the U.S.A. promoting his work. 

  The new millennium brought with it recognition for his photographic portraits of celebrated musicians. After this intensive period of work, he then embarked on further experimentation with paint and concentrated on the photoreal.  

  In the 2010’s Hughes continues to break new ground with a creative dynamic on the photoreal image. The photography he is working on extends his involvement with the portrait and further exploration of the landscape.

  His clientele include the president of Ireland, a U.S. ambassador, some well known musicians and a whole variety of individual collectors. His portraits and landscapes can be found in private collections throughout the world. His reputation continues to grow.

all images © deshughes

Photographic original credits and copyright

Wayne Shorter

AP Photo/Eric Draper

Photoreal paintings, Photoreal portraits, Irish landscape paintings, Jazz musicians, Illustration

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